St. Paul Antiochian Orthodox Church

1-31-16_Fr James New Martyrs and Confessors of Russia
Sermon on the New Martyrs of Russia
2-14-16_Fr James Canaanite Woman
Sermon on Trusting in God's Benevolence
2-21-16_Fr James Publican and Pharisee
Sermon on True Humility
2-28-16_Fr James Prodigal Son
Sermon on Unworthiness
3-06-16_Fr James Meatfare Sunday
Sermon on Fasting
3-13-16_Fr James Forgiveness Sunday
Sermon on Guidelines on How to Forgive
3-20-16_Fr James Sunday of Orthodoxy
Sermon on in Defense of Sacred Art
4-10-16_Saint John Climacus Sunday Deacon James speaking
on Sermon on Prayer
4-17-16_Fr James Mary of Egypt
Sermon on the Road to Jerusalem
5-08-16_Fr James Thomas Sunday
Sermon 1st Homily on Faith
5-15-16_Fr James Myrrh Bearers Sunday
Sermon on We Walk by Faith not by Sight
5-22-16_Fr James Sunday of the Paralytic
Sermon on Don't give up Getting Up
5-29-16_Fr James Sunday of the Samaritan Woman
Sermon on Worshiping the Father in Spirit and Truth
6-05-16_Fr James Sunday of the Blind Man
Sermon on God Desires to Heal All of our spiritual Senses
6-12-16_Fr James Fathers of the First Ecumenical Council
Sermon on Incarnational Theology
6-19-16_Pentecost Sunday Fr Daniel speaking
Sermon on Spiritual Light the Light of the Soul
6-26-16_Fr James All Saints Day
Sermon on What is a Saint
7-03-16_Fr James All Saints of America
Sermon on Jesus says Follow Me into the Unknown
7-10-16_Fr James 3rd Sunday after Pentecost
Sermon on Living Simpler Lives
7-17-16_Fr James Sunday of the Fathers of the 1st 6 Ecumenical Councils
Sermon on You are the Light of the World
8-07-16_Fr James 7th Sunday after Pentecost
Sermon on God is a Consuming Fire
8-14-16_Fr James 8th Sunday after Pentecost
Sermon on The Dormition and the Dormition Fast
8-21-16_Fr James 9th Sunday after Pentecost
Sermon on Jesus Walks Upon the Water
9-11-16_ProtoDeacon Philip Sunday before the Elevation of the Cross
Sermon on Reflections on 9-11
9-25-16_Fr James 1st Sunday of Luke
Sermon on Accomplishing more with less effort
10-02-16_Fr James 2nd Sunday of Luke
Sermon on Love Your Enemies
10-09-16_Fr James 3rd Sunday of Luke
Sermon Gaining God
10-16-16_Fr James 4th Sunday of Luke
Sermon Nurture the Seeds of God in Us
10-23-16_Dn Jeremiah 5th Sunday of Luke
sermons We Need Jesus
10-30-16_Fr Juvenal 6th Sunday of Luke
sermons The Rich Man and Lazarus
11-06-16_Fr James 7th Sunday of Luke
sermons Trials and Divine Providence
11-13-16_Fr James 8th Sunday of Luke
sermons St John Chrysostom
11-20-16_Fr James 9th Sunday of Luke
sermon Be Rich Toward God
11-27-16_Fr James 13th Sunday of Luke
sermons Gaining Riches Through Spiritual Poverty
12-04-16_ProtoDeacon Philip 10th Sunday of Luke
sermons Stand Upright and See Christ
12-11-16_Fr James Sunday of the Forefathers
sermons Excuses for not Seeking God and His Kingdom
04-06-17_Fr Jeremiah The Life of our Holy Mother Mary of Egypt
sermons The Life of our Holy Mother Mary of Egypt



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